Extended Ranging

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By modifying the Application ID and utilising additional bits in the application reserved section of the coded beacon frame, SubPos can be used to implement additional features such as more accurate ranging, while still remaining completely dataless.

Generally it is up to the application developer to then implement this functionality as they see fit. With respect to the SubPos Ranger, this additional feature is a ranging system that performs more accurate distance measurements. The following flowchart shows how the Ranger client supports this functionality:


The node threshold in this instance is a limit to the number of nodes to range from.

The SubPos Ranger hardware supports the SubPos standard by adding a Wi-Fi scanner and receiver to the ranging system:

Ranging Client


Ranging Node


While the use of the standard is optional with the Ranger system, it vastly decreases the setup time when adding additional clients to the system as they will obtain configuration from the visible nodes, rather than being manually entered. It also supports virtually unlimited nodes.