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The SubPos Wi-Fi Positioning Standard is a "dataless" Wi-Fi positioning system that can be used anywhere GPS can't.

The SubPos Wi-Fi Standard is an open source (GPL), indoor positioning system that can be used in various environments such as metro lines, shopping malls, car parks, art galleries or conference centers, essentially anywhere GPS doesn't penetrate. SubPos is a complete positioning system that doesn't require expensive licencing, specialised hardware or laborious area profiling and isn't reliant on data connectivity (a connection to a database or cellphone coverage is not required).

The Standard defines a method for subterraneous positioning in different environments by exploiting all the capabilities of Wi-Fi. Plug and play SubPos Nodes or existing Wi-Fi access points are used to transmit encoded information in a standard Wi-Fi beacon frame which is then used for passive position calculation by a device of your choice (as long as it contains a Wi-Fi receiver). No more sending your position to external location providers when navigating indoors. Plus, since this is a purely client based system, location latency is significantly reduced compared to a server-side implementation. It's a true indoor GPS!

Support SubPos by turning on positioning in your existing access point to help us create an open positioning system for all.


Video demonstrations:

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